Across New Zealand we look after more than 3,500 buildings, structures and physical assets.  Within all of these our customers house thousands of assets representing substantial capital investments.

One of our most important jobs at PAE is to support our customers to maximise the return on these investments through managing those assets effectively.

Our team do all the normal stuff: condition assessments, asset verification surveys, and development of maintenance plans. But we go a lot further to make sure that we are not just ticking boxes but adding quantifiable value to our customers’ businesses. It’s the Asset Management experience, expertise, and intelligence we have available that really makes the difference.

  • We focus on ensuring that critical assets remain operational
  • We build asset strategies and long-term asset plans to support a ‘no surprises’ approach, safeguarding our customers against unexpected capital expenditure and negative operational impact
  • We provide whole-of-life cost analysis, ensuring our customers receive the best value for money over the duration of an asset’s life

In essence, we protect and enhance our customers’ capital investments.

This is about driving better operational and financial returns, and who doesn’t want that?

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