We Do What’s Right

At PAE, we do what’s right. Our culture and values mean that we always act with integrity and professionalism, even when nobody’s watching. Our entire business practice is based on robust governance, transparent accounting and delivering positive outcomes for our stakeholders: our customers, employees and shareholders.

Our Board of Directors set the direction and strategy for our company. They ensure PAE is resourced appropriately to deliver quality services to our customers, and provide guidance about risks to the company while supporting the pursuit of continued growth.

We Care

Our Board is responsible for the stewardship of our company and the care of our people. Together with senior management, our Board sets our company’s strategic direction. Leading from the top, they care for the health and safety of our team, including their training and career development while supporting the communities and environments in which they live and work.

We Bring our Best

Board meetings are held at places we provide services. This enables Directors to engage with our site teams and to hear directly from the front lines. We bring robust business ethics and a strict code of conduct to the work we do, with regular training to every one of our employees. We manage our compliance and standards by engaging external auditors across key business functions including Financial Reporting and Health, Safety and Quality, ensuring we remain on top of our game.

We’re Part of the Bigger Picture

Stantec and PAE LLC are both substantial enterprises operating on a global scale. PAE New Zealand benefits from our Directors’ involvement in our parent companies. They bring vital links at corporate level, enabling PAE New Zealand to connect our customers with the wealth of experience and expertise that comes with being globally aligned.

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