While much of our work is in sectors that have traditionally been male populated, especially construction trades and groundskeeping we believe in being an equal opportunity employer. Although we’re proud that PAE NZ’s workforce is almost 40% female this hasn’t stopped us from focussing on things we can do to make working for PAE more attractive to women.

We value the benefits that a balanced workforce creates, and the difference that can make in our company and in our community. We’re working hard to create equal pathways and opportunities for all our people, irrespective of gender. We’re regularly engaging with our staff about being respectful and treating each other fairly.

Our goal is to provide a balanced, accepting and safe culture in our workplace.

  • We have a modern flexible working policy that empowers our people managers to accommodate a range of personal situations and family arrangements whilst still achieving our customer service delivery.
  • We’re acutely aware of the harm and impact domestic violence has in our society –we believe there is no excuse for family violence. We’ve recently implemented a Family Violence Policy, to ensure we can reasonably support victims of family violence. This includes providing awareness training to our managers.
  • We’re embracing technology to enable employees to work from home when appropriate.
  • We’re working with many of our ageing workers as they approach retirement age.
  • We’re regularly reviewing our company policies and initiatives to ensure they meet our expectations.
  • We actively support parents returning to work.