We’ve selected this goal to put a focus on how we purchase and use products, energy and consumables. Many of our employees work on customer sites, so we don’t have direct control over electricity or gas consumption but can make a difference when it comes to diverting green waste to landfill and building refurbishments.

We do have more control over our own offices though. We’ll soon be replacing our lighting with energy efficient LED’s at our Lower Hutt office. Our Christchurch office benefits from natural ventilation and passive solar heating in winter – meaning we rarely have to heat or cool the space at all.

This year, we’ve changed much of our paper-based invoice processing to electronic. We’ll be working with our supply chain over the next year to move to even more automated purchasing and invoice processing, substantially reducing the volume of paper consumed.

We’re focussing on recycling and improved waste management at our office and on behalf of our customers.

We’ve reviewed our vehicle fleet and reduced our overall vehicle count. We’re working towards electrifying much of our fleet over the next 10 years, replacing our vehicles with hybrid units.